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Hello World,

It’s been so long I say I want to do this. To blog, to share thoughts, feelings, resentments, adventures and images of a really spoiled but grateful traveler. Me.

By that I mean, my children won’t certainly be able to travel as cheaply as we are able to in 2008. It’s not pessimistic it is a reality. Oil is about to run out in the next 5, 10 or maximum 20 years and flying will become an extreme luxury affordable by only a few for at least a little while.
So until we perfect the upcoming sustainable ways to power planes and, basically everything else we created our capitalistic societies around, we might have a generation or two of people who will probably have to stay local and travel only by procurations through stories, web sites, blogs, illustrated adventures left behind by the previous generations. So these blogs are the recollection of the diverse voyages I was able to do on our beautiful Planet Earth during that period History will remember as the ‘oil era’ ; the adventures of the Kerosene Traveler !