Jaipur – Rajasthan

Simply sweet !

We went for a long week-end to the North of India, in Rajasthan. To the colorful Jaipur like everybody says around here. It was just a good time to go and my boss kept pushing me to travel before we are too busy at work. So you don’t need to push me too hard with these things and so off we were.

In 4 days, I learned how to drive a rickshaw, had traffic jams with cars, camels and elephants mixed up together, drank street chais and samosas to make my belly hurt, saw how they hand-print the saris, how they polish and handcraft the gemstones jewels, hiked to places there are more monkeys than humans, wandered around palaces, forts and gardens that compel to amazement and meditative states, has inherited a new family member since Lucky, our rickshaw driver, has assured me he was my indian brother, tried to find fear and tension unsuccessfully in the tiniest street and dark corners of Jaipur, avoided a rush by 80’000 out-of-town’ers coming into the city to interview for government jobs, took photos and portrait of people with their complete acknowledgments and smiles with no hassle, bought some real kashmiree scarfs and accumulated blankets to keep us warm at night during those cold February desert nights and tasted good rajasthanee “thalies” (big plates containing various food for you to taste and discover) and their famous sweets !

All in all, 4 days that felt like 40, so intense and diverse the emotions were. Go to Jaipur in February ! Yes, It’s tourist season since the temperatures are nice but completely worth it. We loved each minute of it.

Ok back to work now !


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