What to pack for India ?!

Just pack :

-an open mind.

-a multi-pack of no fear or no apprehension ’cause even big cities here are safer than those in western europe.

-an empty container… allowing you to accumulate doses of kindness and smiles because you are going to receive a lot of them for no apparent reason other than pure joy sharing.

-a big tube of …realization that the West has not figured out THE way of living that everybody on the planet should follow to be happy. There are multiple ways to get there. And different is just different, neither worse nor better. You are not more happy with all your ‘stuff’ than them with not much.

-a bottle of….eyes wide open in case the camera has no battery left. And some memory in the left and right cortex as compact flashes.

-a no-worry-coz-you’ll-be-helped-and-embraced-by-locals-

more-than-you-could-ever-imagine-possible…big box . Putting our little sense of hospitality to shame !

-yes, a good book for the plane trip. It could also mean a book that rotates around India.
/Shantaram/ for a good indian story or /Maximum city/ for a more Bombay-centered reality check or just a simple /culture shock India/ collection book.

-and again long sleeves clothing to protect you from the sun or just plain megalopolis dirt and pollution but mostly against crazy air conditioned areas or cars !

now on the medic topic with some natural ways and NOT too pharmacology-chemically oriented solutions or hints :

-some Geranium essential oil to…yes…in the beginning…sometimes…put a few drop under you nose to get you through some drying fish areas or other smelly ones.

-some ‘China Cinammon’ essential oil – to get a tiny drop on some honey in a teaspoon in case of stomach upsets. (one drop. No more)

-some ‘Lemongrass’ essential oil against mosquitos. But no paranoia about them unless you go in the Jungle. Dress in light long sleeves clothing. That will do 90% of it.

Check with a homeopathy or essential oil, hydrolat knowledgeable pharmacist in your area, but don’t jump no the crazy chemicals and Malaria pills right away ! All depends on where are you going and mostly at what time of the year.

Looking forward to welcome you around here.


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  1. David on

    Très intéressante la liste. On a pensé à venir vous visiter ces prochains mois. A voir. En tout les cas le blog est captivant à lire. Superbe.
    A bientôt ou dans tous les cas à e-bientôt.

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